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Accommodation Options in Istanbul

If you're moving to Istanbul and don't want to be overwhelmed by the fast-paced lifestyle here when it comes to choosing an accommodation option that is within your range and suits your needs, then Cabriole Homes has made renting furnished flats on the European and Asian sides of Istanbul in just a few clicks on our website! Moving to a new country can come with many unexpected delays, information, and processes that require time, money, and patience. There may be several places to choose from when it comes to accommodation options but Cabriole Homes offers some of the safest, cleanest and most comfortable places for foreign guests! Instead of choosing a hotel in the city, try out our furnished apartments that rival luxury hotels in Istanbul! 

Choose the best when moving to Istanbul

If you arrive with an open mind and are prepared to adjust to a different way of life in Turkey's largest metropolis, Istanbul, living there can be a wonderful experience! We strive to make daily life in Istanbul even better by addressing the single biggest concern anybody may have when coming to a foreign country: where to live! Istanbul is a unique and immersive experience that might be different for every new inhabitant. It can also act as a gateway to other cultures because there are many restaurants and shops owned by foreigners that give us a glimpse of worldly cuisines, cultural and linguistic differences, and more! You'll find a rich multicultural way of life with a more diverse crowd that is primarily composed of tourists and foreigners living here to work, study, or retire. Everyone who wants to explore and experience new things will find something here! 

Accommodation Options in Istanbul

Language barriers can be challenging to overcome in Turkey, so if you don't want to purchase an overpriced and unimpressive home that you would then have to furnish yourself through a third-party real estate agent, it's always a good idea to select something that is already set up and ready for you to move into, like the tastefully furnished housing options we have available in every upmarket part of Istanbul! Discover what it's like to live the Cabriole way by settling into a luxurious home in the largest city in Turkey without having to pay an excessive amount, and enjoy the luxury of being flexible with the payment plans. You can visit many attractions that are near some of our furnished apartments like Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Taksim Square and Golden Horn to name a few. Many places are within walking distance which is always a plus when traveling with families! You can initially come and stay in a hotel in a lively area such as the Marmara Taksim and then move into a Cabriole Home if you are looking to stay here for the long term. There are many historic buildings nearby as well and great public transport facilities. 

The most suited accommodation for you

Our mission is to make every traveler's transition to life in Turkey as easy as possible and to relieve any stress that comes with renting, furnishing, and moving into a home in a foreign country due to things like language barriers, legal requirements for the provision of services like electricity, water, and gas, or anything else! 

Coming to Istanbul from any International Airport and searching for hotels in Istanbul can be tricky as they can become expensive in the long run which is why a furnished apartment is a better suited option. 

We go above and above by offering you fully furnished, turnkey living spaces that are furnished with furniture, household goods, and appliances! Some of our more luxury resorts may also provide on-site gyms, saunas, and swimming pools for a more relaxing stay, which may also be the reason you never want to leave!

Our houses are centrally positioned in the best neighborhoods on both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul so you can easily blend into local culture and experience Turkish life as it truly is!

The European side of this city, which is located in Southeast Europe, is renowned for its stunning blend of architectural styles that have influences from overseas as well as evolving Turkish styles, creating a seamless fusion of the old and new versions of this crucial metropolis in the world. We make sure to maintain that allure for you by providing some of the most opulent and well-equipped apartments to live in Turkey's largest metropolis. Living in the only city in the world divided by a strait between two continents may undoubtedly be exciting.