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Cabriole: The ideal choice for renters!

For new residents of the largest city in Turkey, finding an abundance of accommodation options is not a very difficult task. What’s difficult is sorting through all the service providers and finding one that truly goes above and beyond for its guests, offers idyllic rental options in desirable locations around the city, and continues to offer support even after you move in! That’s exactly what Cabriole Homes is about and if you prefer comfort and convenience over quick and subpar rental options then we are the ones you need to consider! 


An entire process simplified for you!

Moving to Istanbul is as simple as packing your bags and moving into the flat of your choice when you put your trust in Cabriole to provide you with modern and stylish furnished rentals in Istanbul for a delightful short stay or comfortable long-term experience! We make sure to remove all the hassle associated with renting an apartment in a foreign city by handling everything for our valued visitors.


Before you move in and start living the Turkish experience that will last you a lifetime and allow you to make the best memories, you'll find everything to your liking already placed in the flat because our team is always meticulously preparing each and every Cabriole home for our next long or short term resident! Each of our homes is dispersed around Istanbul and offers luxury, comfort, and local charm. If you ever need help, advice, or a helpful local to help you out, we are always here to help! 


Our long-term flat rentals in Istanbul are located in the best locations on both the Asian and European sides, enabling you to immediately integrate into local life and experience Turkish culture in its most authentic form with simple access to first-rate public transit as well! Cabriole Homes can undoubtedly be your most handy alternative if you're planning to relocate to Istanbul for an extended period of time.


Our support doesn't end when you move in

You can opt to live close to the areas you have in mind because we cover a wide selection of regions on the European side! The city's bustle is more noticeable on the European side than on the other side. To further create a cozy and welcoming ambiance, we also include cutlery, accessories, towels, tablecloths, and more! You receive more than just a flat when you rent one; you also get the ability to make it your home and have a safe sanctuary for yourself! Our apartments are situated in some of the most popular areas of the city, close to all the stores, lively cafés, and other attractions. You can easily observe from our website that they are also well connected to Istanbul's fantastic, comprehensive public transportation system. 


The option to have Cabriole handle your maintenance needs by communicating with the gas, water, and electricity companies on the tenants’ behalf is one of the services we provide to our renters. This arrangement may be particularly useful for our visitors who are only in Istanbul temporarily and don't want to get engaged in activities that will take up too much of their time, including paying bills. We have a number of furnished apartments in Istanbul that may be a better alternative for you to stay in than anywhere else because we focus entirely on creating rental homes that are contemporary, opulent, and comfortable. For travelers or frequent guests who want to spend more money, renting a space on a monthly basis can also be more affordable.


Learn what it's like to live the Cabriole way by relocating into a luxurious home in the largest city in the nation without having to pay an excessive amount, especially in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods of the city's Asian side, which is Kadıköy! Enjoy the convenience of being flexible with the payment plans since we offer monthly, trimonthly, and annual payment options that are useful for any new tenant of ours! You may immediately see what we have to offer by looking through our fully furnished apartments in Kadıköy, Istanbul of your choice, and the photographs give you an excellent idea of what your future home away from home will look like!