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Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey, may be a beautiful place to live if you come here with an open mind. You need to be willing to adapt to a different way of life. We work to improve daily living in Istanbul. Every new resident of Istanbul will likely have a distinct experience with this unique and expansive city. Due to the large number of foreign-owned restaurants that offer us a taste of other cuisines, cultural and linguistic distinctions, it can also serve as a gateway to other cultures. Discover a vibrant multicultural way of life among a more diverse population. You’ll find the city to be full of people living here to work, study or retire.

Making it an easy process

Accommodation in Istanbul can be severely hard to find. There are not many options available at reasonable prices. Plus, there can be a plethora of challenges that foreigners may face when dealing with local agents. The language barrier can make it quite difficult as well as English is not common. It is better to deal with people who are well-versed with dealing with foreign guests. At Cabriole Homes, we aim to provide you with that convenience. Apartments for rent in Istanbul, Turkey are our specialty and we offer luxury experiences. If you are on the hunt for an apartment in Istanbul then get in touch with us.

Convenience redefined for everyone

A furnished flat is a better choice for you when coming to Istanbul. Mostly because travelling to Istanbul from the international airports and looking for hotels in Istanbul can be challenging. Due to the fact that they can get pricey over time, especially if you plan to stay for the long-term. Our payment plans are flexible for your ease. You can pay monthly, yearly or trimonthly as per your liking.

We make sure to offer the most easygoing options for our guests. The bedrooms’ comfortable bed, pillow, and linen set are part of a well designed and furnished sleeping arrangement. All you have to do is pick up your bags and move in! Rental apartments that we provide on both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul can be your future home. Widescreen TVs and coffee machines are only two of the many modern amenities that we include in each of our flats. We can also create tailored solutions based on your unique needs, such as unfurnished flats or apartments in a different area, etc.

Our efforts to create your new home

We strive to create wholesome experiences for all our guests coming to Istanbul. By making ready to move in flats easily available for them, your way of living is drastically improved. For a more peaceful visit, several of our more upscale properties may also provide additional facilities. You may be able to find on-site gyms, saunas, and swimming pools. This may also be the reason you never want to leave! Our housing options vary depending on the number of rooms. We have 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Istanbul available easily. If you are looking for something smaller, we also have 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Istanbul! When you sign a contract with us, we outline all the terms clearly so both the tenant and landlord are well informed. 

Many people who work from home would prefer to reside in a bustling city like Istanbul. Here, they can explore new areas every day and enjoy the hustle and bustle. Istanbul can be the ideal place for you if you fall into the ever-growing market for digital nomads. If you’re seeking a base that is not too distant from Europe but still close enough to the Middle East or Asia. Working from home in a Cabriole flat has its own distinct charm as well! 

Our luxurious furnished flats can be found in ideal neighborhoods on both the Asian and European sides. This enables you to immediately integrate into local life and experience Turkish culture. This allows you to do so in its most authentic form. Additionally, you have simple access to the first-rate public transit as well! Cabriole Homes can undoubtedly be your most handy alternative if you're planning to relocate to Istanbul for an extended period of time. 

To further create a cosy and welcome ambiance, we do something extra! We also include cutlery, accessories, towels, tablecloths, and more! You receive more than just a flat when you rent one! You also get the ability to make it your home and have a safe sanctuary for yourself. If you’re a couple or a small family, a 2 bedroom apartment in Istanbul for rent is the ideal choice!

Additionally, all of our apartments have air conditioning so that you can be comfortable during the heat. All kitchens have been equipped with the latest appliances for you. Sets of spoons, forks, knives, plates, and bowls are already there for your convenience. If you scroll through the apartments we have, you can easily see the interior design themes. We have adhered to them consistently throughout the city. In order to create a look that both helps you recognise a Cabriole home seamlessly. It also fits the tastes of our guests who come from all over the world. 

Houses in Istanbul are usually situated in distant areas from the city’s center. Therefore, it is more sensible to rent an apartment for the long term. Close proximity to public transportation is also an added bonus. Find your future homes in Istanbul by checking the furnished flats we have!