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Budget-friendly living in Istanbul

For anyone moving to Istanbul and looking to get by on an appropriate budget, there are several things you can do to cut costs. Whether you are living on the European side or the Asian side of Istanbul, there are many ways to be more mindful when it comes to your spending! Keep reading to see how you can save money and budget effectively! Some of these tips can be beneficial for tourists as well and not just first-time residents of the city! 


One of the best things you can do to save some money while living in a mega city such as Istanbul is to get yourself a public transport card. The IstanbulKart Card is a universal public transportation card that can be used on all modes of transportation within the city, including the trams on the European side, the underground metro that connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, as well as regular buses, ferries, and metros. This method is much more cost-effective than buying the 1, 3, or 5 temporary public transport tickets, which are more expensive than getting this card, refilling it every few days, and saving a tonne of money that can be put to better use! Any station, such as a ferry terminal or a major metro station, where there is a card manufacturing facility can be a good place to get your card and start going all around the city with ease! 


Plan wisely. Save sensibly!

One of the best things about living in Istanbul is how reasonably priced goods are, and how many fresh fruits and veggies are available. Everything from persimmons, lemons, and oranges to apples, potatoes, and carrots may be found here. Additionally, dairy products are frequently relatively affordable, so your daily grocery bill may be well within your means. Another excellent approach to cutting costs on groceries in Istanbul is to shop at local markets. These markets frequently have lower prices than supermarkets, but you get to experience local life firsthand by watching other customers bargain with vendors, choosing fresh vegetables (including some local types), and taking in the sights and sounds of street vendors peddling their wares.


If you visit street vendors or small shops in Istanbul that have more affordable prices and equally delicious food as most of the high-end restaurants here, you might be able to find some of the most incredible local food delicacies at affordable prices even if you haven't budgeted a lot for eating out while you're in Istanbul. There are many different stalls spread out around the city, including those close to tourist attractions, but for the most affordable options, it is preferable to stroll the streets and find some homemade food that local Turkish vendors put on display! This can be a terrific way to spend less money and have a more real experience with the regional cuisine. 


Additional ways to save


Other ways you can save money is by being sensible when it comes to choosing your internet package as this is one thing that can really add up in the long run and become a significant expense. The cost of your internet connection will depend on the package you select, while there are several providers offering affordable rates. Regarding mobile phones, a number of carriers, including Vodafone and Turkcell, provide various packages and plans at various pricing points. The smart thing to do is to choose a decent amount of internet data for a month and see if it lasts you for the entire month or not and then gradually increase your package on a monthly basis. Getting a pre-paid package is often an easy way through which you can control your expenses. Overall, Istanbul's utility costs tend to be lower than those in other cities, so relocating here won't break the bank! 

One of the main reasons people travel to Istanbul is to shop because the city offers reasonably priced, high-quality clothing. The local bazaars frequently have the same quality, if not the same brands, but at a much more reasonable price, and you might be surprised at how reasonable it is! Despite the fact that the malls are definitely worth a visit because they are so different from many malls you may have seen and been to in other countries! In addition to bazaars, you may also visit neighborhood shops and stores located all around the city to get unusual apparel items that appear to be high quality but are actually rather affordable!