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Apartments for Rent in Kadikoy

Moving to any of our furnished rentals in Kadıköy is as simple as packing your bags and moving into the apartment of your choice when you put your trust in Cabriole to provide you with contemporary, luxurious, and stylish fully furnished rentals in Istanbul for a delightful short term rental or comfortable long term experience!

Apartments in Kadıköy for Long term Renting 

Enjoy the convenience of being flexible with the payment plans since we offer monthly, trimonthly, and annual payment options that are useful for any new tenant of ours and learn what it's like to live the Cabriole way by relocating into a luxurious home in the country's largest city without having to pay an excessive amount, especially in one of the most desirable areas of the city’s Asian side which is Kadıköy! By browsing through our completely furnished apartments in Kadıköy, Istanbul of your choosing, you can see what we have to offer quickly, and the pictures give you a good impression of what your future home away from home would look like. Let us take your worries of finding a decent furnished rental in the city away by providing long term plans so that you can stay in your home away from home for as long as you like! 

Apartments for rent in Kadıköy for students

Our goal is to ease any stress that might come with renting, furnishing, and moving into a home in a foreign country because of things like language barriers, legal specifications for the provision of services like electricity, water, and gas, or anything else! We want every traveler's transition to life in Turkey to be as simple as possible. If you are only a temporary resident in the country, such as if you are coming with the purpose to study, then it makes sense to move into a turnkey apartment that is fully ready for you to move into. The hassle of furnishing an apartment just for the duration that you plan to study here may not be feasible or cost-effective for many students which is why we have several locations in Kadıköy that are perfect for students coming to Istanbul and looking for a different and more comfortable way of life. In order to create a cozy and welcome atmosphere, we go above and beyond by including silverware, accessories, towels, tablecloths, and more in all furnished rentals we have!

Apartments for rent in Kadıköy for businesspeople 

If you’re coming to stay in Kadıköy in Istanbul for the purpose of working then you need everything related to your accommodation to be smooth, stress-free and easy to deal with so that you have ample time to focus on the business you are in the city to do. The Cabriole staff helps you with the application procedure for a Turkish residence permit, any documents you might need, and any registration assistance you might need after receiving your Resident ID. We’re set on creating an experience that matches all types of residents’ needs when they move into a furnished rental of ours. Kadıköy is an ideal location to base yourself out of as it is close to several parts of the city and is very lively, making it perfect for where your home should be so that you also get to enjoy your time in Istanbul. Our furnished rentals in Kadıköy are decently furnished so that you find a setting that is professionally practical and functionally comfortable as well! 

Furnished monthly rentals and Extended Stays in Kadıköy 

At Cabriole, we offer our tenants the choice to have Cabriole handle their maintenance requirements by liaising with the gas, water, and electricity companies on their behalf. This arrangement can be especially beneficial for those guests of ours who are in Istanbul for short periods and don’t want to get involved in the issues that take up too much of their time such as the payment of bills. We have several furnished apartments in Kadıköy that can be a better option for you to stay in rather than anywhere else as we put our complete focus on making our rental apartments modern, luxurious and homely. Getting a monthly rental can also be more cost effective for tourists or regular visitors who wish to get more space for a lower amount as compared to staying in a hotel. Neighbourhoods in Istanbul also play a key role in offering a pleasurable stay so if you choose our short or long term rentals in Kadıköy then you’re bound to be charmed by the Turkish way of life. Additionally, we also specialize in extended stays for guests who have their heart set on staying in Kadıköy thanks to the bustling nightlife here, public transportation and relatively newer infrastructure. Long term rentals by Cabriole are a wise option for foreign guests to choose since Kadıköy is an area that suits everyone’s needs and is perfect for solo travelers, students, businesspeople and families. No matter what your requirements are, this region of Istanbul is surely going to tick all the boxes!