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Average Rent in Istanbul

The first thing you'll likely want to know if you're moving to Istanbul is how much it will cost to live there so you can plan your budget and determine your standard of life. 

Hence, we'll do our best to offer you a general overview of Istanbul's cost of living, a look at some general factors to consider, and some advice for those who are new to the city. If you are considering moving to Istanbul as a foreigner and becoming an expat, it is a fantastic lifestyle choice. Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, has a lot to offer, including a low cost of living, a distinctive culture, some of the best shopping and nightlife in the nation, as well as a ton of tourist and historical attractions. By relocating here, one can embrace a lifestyle different from that of the west while staying on the cutting edge of fashion. Don't just believe what we say.

Many foreigners who are now employed pick the city to advance their careers, and some retirees use it as a temporary home base so they may travel to a place that has historically influenced events all around the world. While some may advise you to simply pack your bags and move in, we always advise doing some forward planning, especially for seasoned expats.

In comparison to other major cities around the world particularly in Europe, Istanbul is a reasonably priced place to live. Yet, compared to other Turkish cities, Istanbul has a high cost of living. Istanbul is not only Turkey's biggest and most populated city, but it is also its main financial and cultural hub. It's a well-liked location, and many recent expats, retirees, and digital nomads migrate here in an effort to take advantage of the low cost of living.

Everything from a life on the beach to a life in a big metropolis is available, and it costs less than it would in many other areas. Choosing to buy or rent a house is the first step. Although others immediately begin their ascent up the housing ladder, others choose to rent for six months while researching the market. The good thing is that there are many different neighborhoods to select from because Istanbul has 39 designated districts. Some have a specific reputation for being the best in one field.

The average prices for the rent may vary depending on the type of area and which side of the city you choose to live in. As a single person, it can be expensive but if you are moving with your family and can sustain yourself with work based outside of the country then it can be manageable. On our website, you can find the best options for yourself using our filters and fulfill your requirements very easily.

Given that holders of Turkish passports are permitted to enter 126 nations without a visa, according to the Global Citizen Solutions Global Passport Index, it should not come as a surprise that foreign nationals select Turkey as their second home and even apply for Turkish citizenship.

From a geographical and cultural perspective, Istanbul is regarded as the bridge connecting Asia and Europe. With 15 million citizens, Istanbul is a sizable metropolis where visitors can typically anticipate a hectic day. Istanbul ranks among the top 20 cities in the world for tourism. Expats and immigrants to Istanbul will observe that their main expense will be lodging. The most expensive real estate, opulent homes, and neighborhoods can be found in the core city districts, the Bosphorus strait regions, and along the Asian and European coastlines. Frequently, people ask us how much it costs to live in Turkey. The response, however, is not simple and depends on three variables. Your family's size comes first. Large education expenses will inevitably be incurred by families with children under the age of 16, but not by a single person.

Choosing Istanbul as Your Base

The second factor is your lifestyle and if you wish to run a car, drink, smoke, and/or eat out. Furthermore, living expenses differ from one place to the next. Istanbul is still the most costly location in Turkey, although being far less expensive than London or New York. The low cost of household expenses in Turkey helps to offset the high cost of rent.

Electricity, water, sewerage, telephone, internet, gas, and satellite packages are all included in the monthly cost. Apartment fees, a charge for community services, is additionally required of residents in apartment complexes with six or more units.The rental price of the apartments in Istanbul also depends on how many square meters the flat is and while the cost of living in Istanbul increases every year, it is best to choose one place right from the beginning that you can consider as your accommodation in Istanbul instead of moving every year as it can be a very tedious process, especially as a foreigner and if you do not know how to speak Turkish. Naturally, some foreigners enjoy staying in touch with others in their situation as well as becoming fully immersed in the local culture.

Long-term foreign residents of Istanbul can be a valuable resource for knowledge and are familiar with the system. Social expats will have no trouble fitting in and making friends who share their interests. Look for groups on Facebook that discuss meets and social gatherings. Certain neighborhoods have well-established expat populations, making them great locations for relocating and making international acquaintances. The cost of living in Istanbul depends entirely on your budget and can be very different from the average costs based on your existing lifestyle and quality of life.

The Benefits of Furnished Flats

Carrying old furniture to the new home, purchasing furniture for the new home, and attempting to adapt old furniture to the new home are the three largest moving-related headaches for tenants. Renters who don't want to deal with these issues frequently select furnished apartments in Istanbul. Is this advantageous for tenants, then? The furnished apartments in Istanbul are a huge benefit for tenants who won't be residing in a home for an extended period of time. It spares the tenant the cost and the hassle of maintaining a home they does not own. As a result, demand for furnished apartments for rent in Istanbul has gradually grown.