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Best Beaches in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that is famous for many things but you may not know that it has many great beaches as well when you look beyond its historical attractions, natural wonders and modern architectural marvels! If you’re looking for a getaway that is still within Istanbul and don’t have the time, energy or budget to jet off to the country’s popular beach destinations in other cities then keep reading to see what we have to offer in Istanbul when it comes to some fun under the sun!

Istanbul A City That Has A Lot To Offer

Istanbul is bordered by the Marmara and Black seas and connected to them by the Bosphorus, which contains a number of small islands as well. Despite this, the city has a number of fantastic options to offer visitors while not particular being renowned as a beach city. Both coastlines have sandy and pebble beaches, and good transport options from the city make it simple to escape to the coast on a sweltering summer day. Whether you are looking on the European side of the city or prefer something on the Asian side, there are several popular beaches that are worth checking out at least once during your time in Istanbul

There are a wide variety of beaches in Istanbul that people who live here are quite familiar with as not every summer can be spent in the Mediterranean cities of the country and sometimes you just want to visit a beach that is close to home but still equally fun. There are several notable beaches lined up against the Black Sea Coast as well as the Sea of Marmara so where you live in Istanbul shouldn’t matter too much. You are bound to find something that works for you and is in close proximity as well if you are looking to make a day trip out of it.

While many public beaches can be free to visit, some of them do have certain fees for entry or space which is why it is best to do your research beforehand about the type of beach you prefer, what you can find there and how far is it from the Cabriole Home you choose to live in! Once you move into one of the Cabriole Homes, you are surely going to be planning a beach trip soon as our carefully chosen furnished apartments are ideally located when the distance is compared from many of the city’s beaches.

Beach clubs, ranging from basic to upscale, have taken over much of the shoreline in popular swimming spots. For usage of an umbrella or plastic lounge chair, they normally charge a daily fee, while some require a minimum purchase of food and drink in place of this. Beach clubs typically have a cafe or restaurant as well as restrooms, changing rooms, indoor or outdoor showers. Some beach clubs transform into party venues with DJs and dancing on the weekends. It is your choice if you prefer to go to beaches that have a bit of a buzz to them or if you prefer a traditional beach day where you are in control of everything you do in terms of activities and are not looking for a beach club experience. 

Have Some Quality Fun With Loved Ones in Istanbul

If you are a fan of watersports then Istanbul’s beaches have much to offer in that department as well. The water is ideal for almost any activity and if you make it a family outing or a plan with friends then the fun just multiplies tenfold! In order to fully enjoy your trips to the beach during your stay in Istanbul, you should be prepared with good snacks, proper sunscreen and some Instagram worthy beach activities such as beach volleyball or kite flying to have the best day by the beach! The famous beaches are located slightly distant from central Istanbul but the journey there will make you appreciate the final destination even more! Istanbul may be a metropolitan city with modern high rises and a fast paced life so if you want to relax and unwind while soaking up the sun, a beach trip is definitely the way to go.

Places like Aqua Beach Club, Kilyos Beach and Uzunya Beach are some of the beaches in close proximity to Istanbul’s bustling heart that we’d recommend but Aqua Beach Club would have to be a proper day trip as it is not very near and requires a bit of a drive to get there however it is relatively closer to the city compared to other beaches that fall under the borders of other cities near Istanbul so you can consider it if you want a beach weekend instead! On either side of Istanbul, the beaches are quite nice and have ideal sand and shade conditions that attract several visitors each day! On the Asian side, you can also find Caddebostan beach which is perfect for those looking to find good views, beautiful sandy beaches and loads of activities to do. 

The plus side is you are in one of the best neighborhoods of Istanbul as well so you can grab a bite to eat afterwards or just stroll down the streets and explore if you still have the energy. Many fish restaurants are also in close vicinity to the city’s beaches so you are always guaranteed to have all your bases covered with many food, entertainment and recreational options available. 

Wherever you choose to go, at the end of the day you’ll be able to come back to your comfortable Cabriole home and relax knowing that a new day awaits for you tomorrow with more of such great adventures in Istanbul.