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Choosing the right neighborhood in Istanbul

Knowing which neighborhood to rent an apartment in Istanbul before coming to the country can really benefit you in the long run because there are several neighborhoods in Istanbul that can be ideal places to stay, especially as a foreigner, so if you decide on what you prefer early on, it will be much easier for you to find many options on both the European and Asian sides of the city. At Cabriole Homes, we make sure to locate, furnish and prepare apartments that are near to the hustle and bustle of the city, close to good places to eat, and easily accessible by public transport as well if you plan to take advantage of the several great and affordable public transport options that are available in the city!

Which side is suitable for you?

When choosing an apartment to rent on the European side, you can browse through many of our options that are located in the most popular areas of the city such as Beyoğlu and Kağıthane. These areas are perfect for foreign guests who are planning to stay in Istanbul for the short or long term and want to be near the best restaurants, attractions, and places to shop. If you’re a digital nomad then these areas would be ideal for you as well. Staying in close proximity to the main places of Istanbul but still maintaining enough distance to have a peaceful and relaxing time at home is what will best describe your life in any of these places! In Beyoğlu, you have the luxury of walking around and never being more than 5-10 minutes away from a great place to eat, a fun place to enjoy any activity, and historical sites that are hundreds of years old! For travelers staying in Kağıthane, you will be able to enjoy a more peaceful environment and be near many service centers as well such as places to print, get business work done, deal with people in business-savvy environments, and enjoy Istanbul’s business district in ways that can benefit your work and productivity too! 


Not all areas are open for foreigners to start living in so this is something you should research before making a decision on where to stay. Because of these factors that mainly locals or people living in Istanbul would know, it makes more sense to choose a Cabriole Home because the areas we furnish flats in are all suitable for foreigners to come and start living in. This way, you can eliminate any potential obstacles when it comes to choosing the correct area to stay in and simply move into your new home effortlessly! 


Something great for everyone 

For those who are searching for apartments on the Asian side of Istanbul, Kadıköy would be a great place for you to stay in! Whether you are a solo resident, couple, or family, this area has the best amenities to offer when it comes to our upscale furnished apartments and if you’re living here then you are in the heart of Istanbul and can reach any part of the city very easily and quickly! Relying on public transport is also very easy as the ferry port, main bus stations, and several Metrobus stations are ideally located in key areas all across this particular neighborhood of Istanbul. Additionally, you get to enjoy the best food which Istanbul has to offer as well as a lively nightlife scene! If you’re staying in this area then you are definitely not going to be bored ever! This area is also where you can find many other expats and foreign residents so if you feel like the language barrier at the beginning of your move can be challenging for you, you can easily make friends who are able to speak in English within your complex and usually within your neighborhood as well! 


The Asian side is preferred for a more slow-paced way of life if the constant liveliness of the European side is not something you prefer to enjoy every day of the week. If you are moving here with your family and your kids will be studying in schools or universities in Istanbul, then staying on the Asian side would be a great way for you to go! You’ll save money on transportation costs, time spent commuting from the European side, and the general stress of getting from one side of the city to the other every day.