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Decorating Your Rental House or Flat: What You Can and Can’t Do

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There's nothing like a few decorative objects to give some glitter to your interior to personalize your flat when it comes to decorate a rental house. When you move into a rental property, this concept is especially relevant.

Despite the fact that the existing apartment decoration for rental houses that you're renting come with nicely decorated with high-quality furnishings, much of it wasn't made by you. One approach to feel more at home is to surround yourself with things you enjoy looking at, things that have significance, and things that have a narrative to tell.

Showcase some photos or gems you've found, such as a comfy chair, a stunning mirror, or coffee tables that you saw at a flea market and can instantly imagine in your living room. Play around with temporary changes in your kitchen or bathroom or add area rugs in your halls. Read on to get more decorating ideas if you need inspiration on how to decorate a rental and get rid of the renter feel to make it feel like home.

Because they are designed for those who don't want to stay for a long time, furnished flats often have a short-term lease. If you're moving into a furnished apartment, whether you're a traveling student, a nomad foreigner, or an out-of-town businessperson, you generally don't intend to stay there permanently.

Renting a furnished property makes living on the road much easier and less expensive than renting an unfurnished place, but walking into an apartment that has already been equipped and decorated could feel a little bit like a home invasion. So how can you create a sense of comfort in a rental space that is filled with other people's possessions? 

Fortunately, you can add your particular style to furnished apartments and give them a quick makeover without causing any lasting damage. Additionally, it can be done on a financial limit that is feasible for you as well. Temporary window treatments such as sticker frosting or privacy frosting is also great. 

Simple Additions For a Cozy Home

Bedding is a fantastic place to start if you're seeking for basic creature comforts. In a furnished apartment, your own throw pillows, sheets, mattress topper, comforters, and throw blankets will be your greatest friends. They add some of your flair to the environment and are inexpensive to buy and make. In Istanbul, you are guaranteed to find some of the best options, whether you plan on making these items yourself or want to buy them.

Visit a bargain retailer like the ones in nearby malls that are close to your Cabriole Home if you want to buy affordable yet cozy bedding. Everything you require will be available for a much lower price than local designer shops selling the same things. Put out framed photos of your friends and family, a few modest, sentimental items from home, an alarm clock, and an air purifier or box fan to spruce things up and make them your own. Make sure to buy lots of hangers for your clothing as well as a collapsible laundry basket if necessary.

Use the pillows that are already on the sofas and chairs in the apartments of Cabriole Homes to your advantage. Just purchase or manufacture coverings that fit the current pillows. Without spending a lot of money, you may give your furnished apartment's often generic decor a personal touch with pillow coverings. Changes in light fixtures in the rental kitchens or living room are also subtle ways to improve your home. 

How to Personalize Your Bathroom

An over-the-toilet shelving unit is a cheap remedy that not only increases storage space in a bathroom with little storage but also significantly upgrades a plain bathroom.

Over-the-toilet shelves are available in a range of styles, from functional to decorative, made of metal, plastic, and occasionally even wood. These shelving units can be purchased around the city in a variety of stores depending on your budget and the design intricacy. Give your homes a nice space feel with these tips.

The space-saving storage shelves above your toilet can also serve as a pleasant bathroom ambiance enhancement. Place candles that you can light for a soothing bath on the top shelf. One of the shelves can house bathroom reading material or to hang art. whichever you decide. 

Bring Life to Your Walls 

For the traveling renter, pictures, canvases, paintings, prints, and mirrors are all ideal. Start decorating by choosing artwork that matches the color palette you have decided on. You can personalize your furnished flat by hanging pieces of art that you have chosen. 

You might also adore transient wall coverings (Peel and stick wallpapers) The material is magical; you apply it to your walls while residing in the flat, enjoy the color and patterns, and then peel it off when you move. Your walls' paint won't get damaged by removable wallpaper. 

What not to Do in Your Rental

No matter how long you intend to stay in a rental apartment, it is probably wise not to make any permanent changes to the interior of the apartment that are irreparable or may alter the basic look of the apartment after you complete your stay with us.

For that reason, placing anything on walls with nails, damaging any of the existing furniture in the apartment or changing wall colours are just a few of the things we advise our guests who end up becoming our friends during the time they stay with us. Anything that adds to your comfort is definitely something we would want, as long as it still allows us to offer the same wonderful experience to the next guest in any of our Cabriole homes as it was for you.