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Eco-Friendly Rental Houses in Istanbul

Moving to Istanbul and looking for apartments that are sustainable and good for the environment as well can be tricky as it is not always a main focus for people who have houses and flats in the city. Despite a huge population of 16-17 million people in the city of Istanbul, when you dig deep and find yourself a flat, it might not be eco-friendly or suitable for the planet. Luckily, when we furnish a flat in the European or Asian sides of the city, we make sure to make the living spaces as Eco-friendly as possible. 

Eco-Friendly Rental Houses in Istanbul

Some of our furnished flats are also situated in complexes that come with swimming pools and even have iconic Bosphorus views that make living in Istanbul even better! The process of selecting your ideal accommodation option in Istanbul, Turkey is extremely simple and easy if you visit our website and have a quick glance over all the wonderful choices we have when it comes to furnished apartments in the city and you can book a stay in just a few steps! We only ask you for some introductory information that can help us get to know you in order to provide you with an even better and more personalized experience wıth us! You can then select any 1 option from our flexible payment plans that allow you to pay monthly, every few months, or even annually! 

Always a step ahead 

If you’re not looking for something long term and just want something that is ideal for short term stays and fulfills its function as a vacation rental in Istanbul then we have got the perfect Eco-friendly options available for you all across the city! With furnished rentals that are better and more comfortable than private villas, Cabriole provides you with the ideal places to stay that provide all the basic comforts such as hot water during the cold season and other utilities that you’d normally need to live the Turkish way in the largest metropolis in the country! For tourists looking to stay a bit longer than our minimum stay’s duration of 1 month, our furnished apartments are the perfect vacation homes for you! 

Some of the must-see things that need to be on your list when coming to stay in a flat that is set up in a conscious manner while also providing you with all your needs can be doing things like paying a visit to Taksim Square, stroll through Istiklal Avenue and make your way to Galata Tower before heading onto Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet Mosque, and the Grand Bazaar in that order! Some attractions are worth returning for and exploring in a more relaxed manner so if you’re unable to see everything you’d like, save them for your next trip! If you’d like to enjoy fine Turkish craftsmanship and admire the work of local artisans then find numerous shops and retail avenues across the city and also pop into luxurious malls on either side of the city to experience the lively shopping scene here! Don’t forget to admire the historic houses that are dotted all across Istanbul! 

Making a difference in the world

Staying in an Eco-friendly house anywhere in the world can be a great way to reduce your energy consumption as well as your carbon footprint which in turn can be a very beneficial thing for you as well because if you reduce your energy consumption, you will also be able to reduce your expenditures for the payment of utilities as well! The appliances we place in each of our furnished apartments are ensuring that the least amount of energy is used and that their contribution to polluting in any form is the minimum amount, therefore, also helping you save on bills as you make better choices for the planet, our environment and the future generations to come. The outlay and design of our houses is also in such a way that promotes minimalistic approaches to living and allows you to make use of individual spaces only when you need to. It is best to save electricity and conserve energy as much as possible by keeping the appliances and lights in areas where you are not frequenting closed without feeling like you are depriving yourself as our flats come with huge windows that allow natural sunlight to flood in and can also be opened for that cool Istanbul breeze to keep you comfortable almost all throughout the year except for the Summer season! 

As we provide you with your Eco-friendly home away from home, you can definitely consider us to be your family away from home too! Cabriole's energetic team is always happy to assist you 24/7 with any queries,information or issues you may have so that you do not have to worry about a thing when you move in.