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Fully Furnished Apartment Checklist

For those who wish to avoid the stress and additional labor that may be involved if you go on your own accommodation search, Cabriole Homes offers some of the most well-equipped and completely functional furnished apartments on the European as well as Asian sides of Istanbul. We are here to make sure that all our visitors need to begin their new lives in one of our homes is to pick up their bags and flip the key! All of these properties were created with great care, attention to detail, and work by our team; some of them allow pets, some offer breathtaking views, some are located within building complexes, etc. In this blog, you’ll get to know about what it is that you can find in our furnished apartments to make it feel like home.

What to expect in a Cabriole Home

We go above and beyond when it comes to furnishing any living space for our valued guests; the apartment also comes with a fully supplied kitchen that includes everyday tools and cooking utensils like knives, cutting board, forks, wooden spoons, plate and glass sets, cooking pots,measuring cups, bottle openers, coffee makers and much more! We have the kitchens stocked with enough items for you to not have to get anything extra and have made it easy for you to cook at home as well by providing complete items such as knife sets, pots and pans, etc. The bedroom's comfortable bed, pillow, and linen set are part of a well designed and furnished sleeping arrangement. All you have to do is pick up your bags and move in to one of the completely furnished rental apartments we provide on both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul! 

Staying on the European or Asian side of Istanbul can be an enjoyable and educational experience for you, whether you are staying there to work remotely and need a work space at home or are here to take a holiday and experience Turkish daily life for the time being. Millions of tourists travel to Turkey every year to visit the historical, touristic, and cultural sites in Istanbul. If you live in a Cabriole home, be sure to find at least one or two of these sites nearby! Don’t forget to browse through the apartment of your choice whenever you are going through our website and you’ll be able to see everything that our team includes in our flats to give it more of a homely vibe. With Cabriole as the property manager, you are sure to get a service that transcends everything you come across elsewhere in the city.  

Comfort at its finest

Our comfortable beds are placed on top sturdy bed frames and you can even find a high quality dining table in our fully furnished flats in the city which is the perfect place to enjoy your meals and relax after a long day. The living room furniture is placed to meet global standards of fashionable living that is practical yet aesthetic so you are surely going to be interested in our flats that meet your style expectations the most when it comes to the interior design of a home. You are also provided with a laundry basket for your clothes for maximum comfort and ease. Our bathrooms are modern and roomy enough to not be cramped or too small for your liking and also come with shower curtains for privacy. 

You may be sure to get a flat that matches your demands and is situated in the vibrant neighborhoods you want when you come across the Cabriole homes when looking for a suitable and practical place to live in Istanbul, Turkey.