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Housing in Istanbul

Istanbul, a metropolis that is one of the world's developing economies, is a favorite of both private citizens and business owners. A different housing demand has emerged in the real estate industry as a result of the majority of businesses choosing Istanbul during their development stages. This long-term necessity gave rise to the furnished rental apartment concept offered by Cabriole Homes. We have prime real estate all over the city so that we can offer the most premium accommodations in Istanbul on the Asian side and European side! 

Housing in Istanbul

Several house types have served as the nucleus of our living quarters in Istanbul over time. While detached homes were heavily utilized in the past, they eventually evolved into homes more akin to apartments. Cabriole Homes has always tried to fill the gap in the market, especially for foreigners, and eliminate many of the hurdles you may face when it comes to the housing sector of the country’s largest metropolitan city. If you are looking to buy property in the city, it is better to come and see the options yourself! Our furnished flats are close to public transport services and recreational facilities like shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, etc. 

Apartments with two rooms, one living room, three rooms, and one living room have replaced flat types, which have spacious living rooms and wide entrance areas but narrower bathrooms and rooms. The new model flats have been carefully planned so that each room and bathroom is functional. 

Ideal living in Istanbul

Those who live alone or with a partner typically prefer flats with two bedrooms, one living room, and one bedroom, whereas multi-populated families prefer three bedrooms, a living room, or four bedrooms, a living room, and two bathrooms. Over time, houses have taken the place of apartments in order to improve organization and security in the settlement of the congested city. Typically, when searching for flats to rent in Istanbul, we find furnished homes. The modern style of residential structures is built with multiple blocks and many thousands of apartments. The architects gave meticulous consideration to every last detail when designing the residences. In contrast to apartment buildings, the construction sites where homes are built are guarded around-the-clock.Moving to Istanbul becomes much easier when you have options like this available. Choosing a reliable place for viewing properties for sale or rent in Istanbul is essential! 

In areas where urban transformation is taking place, it is simpler to discover an Istanbul apartment for rent. Although the floor plans may vary, the flats are made so that you can arrange your items easily. Live in Istanbul easily while we take care of your housing needs. 

A significant factor in such a shift in housing styles is population expansion. At the same time, it sought to make Istanbul a more orderly metropolis by blocking out the view of the city's tall and modest structures. 

Everything simplified for your comfort

If you visit our website, take a short look at all the fantastic options we have for furnished flats in the city, and then book a stay in just a few easy steps, the process of choosing your ideal accommodation option in Istanbul, Turkey, is really simple and uncomplicated! We only request a few basic details from you to enable us get to know you better and give you an even better, more individualized experience with us. Afterwards, you can choose any 1 of our various payment options, which let you pay either monthly, irregularly, or even yearly. 

Our mission is to make every traveler's transition to life in Turkey as easy as possible and to relieve any stress that comes with renting, furnishing, and moving into a home in a foreign country due to things like language barriers, legal requirements for the provision of services like electricity, water, and gas, or anything else! Language barriers can be challenging to overcome in Turkey, so if you don't want to look at the properties for sale in Istanbul and most are showing an overpriced and unimpressive home that you would then have to furnish yourself through a third-party real estate agent, it's always a good idea to select something that is already set up and ready for you to move into, like the tastefully furnished housing options we have available! 

When you move into any of our furnished flats in Istanbul, our responsibility to make your stay as comfortable as possible doesn't end there. We also provide a wide choice of extra services to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy Cabriole and make arrangements to come back as soon as possible. 

Benefit from the monthly or weekly Cabriole Cleaning Service, which takes care of a number of tasks that you would otherwise find time-consuming or exhausting. For a little cost, we will make sure to leave every inch of your home spotless throughout our cleaning service, which covers rooms including the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

Discover what it's like to live the Cabriole way by settling into a luxurious home in the largest city in Turkey without having to pay an excessive amount. We take great pride in providing excellent support around-the-clock, so don't hesitate to get in touch with our team if you need help with anything. We can also handle all maintenance needs to make your time with us even more convenient. Once you get used to living in a Cabriole home, you won't want to leave your newly discovered happy place in the city! The majority of our properties in Istanbul are located in the liveliest and most vibrant areas of Istanbul on both sides of the Bosphorus!