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Istanbul as a resident

Getting the residence card in Turkey as a foreigner can be challenging if you don’t have the right guidance and latest information to help you navigate through the entire process but if you have successfully gotten your card and are interested in knowing what steps should follow, continue reading to know what you can now do after getting residency as an expatriate in Istanbul! 


Setting up a bank account 

Even though it is possible to get a bank account made with just your passport information sometimes, it is not a common or reliable practice and it is advised to formally open a bank account after getting your Resident ID card! There are a variety of different banks operating in Turkey that offer attractive banking solutions to foreigners and the best way to select one is by firstly reading up on other foreigners’ experiences in the banks that are popular amongst the international community and then make the decision according to what your banking needs are! Some banks have English speaking representatives and it is a smooth process for most people so if you are planning on opening an account in a bank that is not commonly used by foreigners, it’s better to take someone who speaks Turkish with you or to have a translator come along!


Registering your home address to your Residence ID 

Once you have that shiny red ID card in your hand, you should immediately plan a trip to the nearest Nufus Office after getting an appointment in order to register your address and have it updated to show in coordination with your residence ID information in the relevant local databases. These offices are both on the European and Asian sides of the city and you can choose wherever to go according to your convenience. If you are not fluent in Turkish just yet, you have to take a registered translator from a local company with you so that they can be your liaison and translate what the government officer is saying and asking while at the office. The whole process is very quick and can even take just 15 minutes! Make sure to take your rental agreement with you and any other documents that you have concerning your place of staying in Istanbul! 



Update your school/college/university 

If you’re a student in any Turkish educational institute then it’s best to update your school/college or university as they should hold a record of official documentation for each student once you receive it and can add it to their systems as well. For university students, this is not as much of a suggestion but more of a requirement in order to progress and move onto their next years in that particular institute. 



Other facilities that you get as a Turkish Residence Card holder 

You will, of course, no longer require a Turkish visa of any kind to enter Turkey once you receive your Residence ID and can freely enter the country from any land or sea port and can freely move between Turkey and foreign countries up until the expiry date of your resident card. However, the resident card should be renewed at least a few months before its expiry date to avoid any issues later on. 


You can also apply for a Turkish driver’s license and purchase a car in Turkey. If you have successfully completed 8 years of residency in Turkey then you can even apply for the long term residence permit that has an indefinite period and if you wish to obtain a second passport then you can even do that after living in the country for the required amount of time and meeting certain criteria when applying for the passport which happens to be in the Top 60 passports of the world! Additionally, having a Turkish residence permit can also come in handy if you are in the country for medical purposes and require treatment that can extend beyond the normal visa validity durations. 


If you are also learning Turkish and improving vocabulary and pronunciation skills during this time, you’ll be able to get through each of the steps above very easily and quickly! Plus, if you ever need help with anything that concerns your housing then you can definitely get in touch with the team here at Cabriole for all the guidance and assistance!