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Living in a Cabriole Home as a student

Moving to a foreign city and country to study can be a daunting task for many students, especially if it is your first time moving out of your home country and living independently. The challenges increase when you are not able to speak the language as well and you might often have to settle for an accommodation option that is not exactly what you had in mind. For this reason, we recommend choosing Cabriole Homes where you get what you see up on our website and if you have any doubts or concerns, you can get in touch with us directly and communicate, in English, with our team with ease! 


In recent years, we’ve helped hundreds of students find the perfect homes for themselves. Sometimes, you might want to live close to your university’s campus. In that case, we would recommend that you browse through our interactive map on our website which shows all the locations of our fully furnished apartments on both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. These homes are equipped with all furnishings, appliances, cutlery sets, bedding, and more small touches that make it a complete home, ready for anyone to simply move in and start living life without having to stress about shopping for their home for the duration that they are going to be living and studying in Istanbul. 


Choosing what's best for you 

Renting out an apartment independently can turn into a burden in the long term since you may not be able to easily sell all the stuff you buy and also get a fair price for it. Because of this reason, renting an apartment that already comes furnished makes much more sense. In certain situations, your main priority may not be to live near your university’s campus but to live near the areas of the European or Asian side that are lively and full of things to see and do! 


Mostly, when you are studying in a university on the Asian side, we’d recommend that you look into our apartments that are situated in the area of Kadıköy which can be considered the heart of Istanbul and also the best place where you find other expat students, the best places to eat and many activities and things to do that can easily help you spend your days in Istanbul. This area is also where you will find many of the public transportation networks to merge and begin from such as the ferry port, bus station, and tram line. There are parks nearby as well where you can sit and enjoy incomparable views of the city’s skyline and also the nearby Princes’ Islands! International cuisine and food from almost any major country that you would ever crave can also be found in some restaurants or the other here. Additionally, the nightlife here is also great for students looking to be near the hustle and bustle during the night. You can find bars, concerts, and other events taking place here almost every week! 


Asian vs.European Side: What's right for you?

For students moving to study on the European side of Istanbul, it is important to note that there are several areas that can be considered hip, trendy, and interesting for a young adult/student. Any of our locations would be close to popular areas on this side and all are highly accessible since the transportation networks on the European side are slightly more developed and highly branched as compared to the Asian side. You have the additional option of using an extensive tram network as well as funiculars on the European side which the Asian side does not offer. 


When you get your student Istanbulkart made (A public transport card) that can be used in all types of transportation modes in the city, it will be quite easy and affordable for you to move around and in some instances when you are running late or are traveling in large groups, taking a taxi would be faster and more feasible. Something to note is that if your university is situated on the European side of the city, your commute to and from your campus will be longer than it would be if your university was on the Asian side. This is because of the traffic congestion on the European side that is more heavy than the comparatively residential Asian side. Almost all of Istanbul’s major tourist attractions are located on the European side so you will have to keep this in mind when choosing where to stay. Something we would not recommend you do is stay on the opposite side of where your university is located as that can be quite expensive, time-consuming, and draining to do every day of the month. 


Wherever you decide to stay, you’ll always have the option to choose an upscale apartment with many amenities and lots of facilities within their respective complexes as well!