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Long Term Apartment and House Rentals in Istanbul

When you put your trust in Cabriole to offer you with modern, opulent, and fashionable furnished rentals in Istanbul for a pleasurable short visit or comfortable long term experience, moving to Istanbul becomes as easy as just packing your bags and moving into the apartment of your choosing! By taking care of everything for our cherished visitors, we make sure to remove all the bother that is related to renting an apartment in a foreign city.

Find the Perfect Furnished Rental in Istanbul

If you browse through our website in depth, take a short look at all the fantastic options we have for furnished apartments for rent in Istanbul, and then book a stay in just a few easy steps, the process of choosing your ideal accommodation option is really simple and uncomplicated! We only request a few basic details from you to enable us get to know you better and give you an even better, more individualized experience with us. Then, you can choose any 1 of our various payment options, which let you pay either monthly, trimonthly, or even yearly. Long term apartment and house rentals in Istanbul can be difficult to narrow down to good and trustworthy options which is why choosing us is as simple as possible.

Ideal Living Spaces for Long Term Renting

We go above and beyond by giving you fully furnished, turnkey living spaces that are furnished with durable furniture, household goods, and appliances! To make your stay more enjoyable and possibly the reason you wouldn't want to leave, several of our upmarket rentals in Istanbul may additionally include swimming pools, gyms, and saunas within the complex, making it a wonderful option for long term guests who are looking for several facilities in close proximity. On both the Asian and European sides, our long term apartment rentals in Istanbul are situated in the best areas, allowing you to quickly integrate into local life and experience Turkish culture in its purest form with easy access to the excellent public transportation as well! If you’re looking to move to Istanbul long term then Cabriole Homes can surely be your most convenient option to do so.

We cover a wide range of areas on the European side so you can choose to live close to the areas you have in mind! The European side is where you'll find the city's hustle and bustle to be more than the other side! Check out each of our apartments on our website and look at the maps to see where they are if you work on that side and need to be as close to your office as you can be for a quick commute every day. When you rent apartment in Istanbul, remove all the obstacles that are generally associated with the process by allowing us to take care of everything.

Easy and Facilitated Experiences for All Our Guests

For those who wish to avoid the stress and additional labor that may be involved if you go on your own accommodation search, Cabriole Homes offers some of the most well-equipped and completely functional long term house rentals in Istanbul. All of these properties were created with great care, attention to detail, and work by our team; some of them allow pets, some offer breathtaking views, some are located within building complexes, etc. We are not a business that simply furnishes apartments and lists them on our website.

Attention to Detail Goes a Long Way in All Our Rentals in Istanbul

We go a step further by including cutlery, accessories, towels, tablecloths, and more to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere! You don't simply rent an apartment; you get an entire experience that gives you the chance to call it your house and create a haven for yourself! You can quickly see from our website that our apartments are located in some of the greatest parts of the city, close to all the shops, lively cafés, and neighboring attractions, and they are also well connected to Istanbul's amazing, extensive public transportation system.

Additionally, our devoted group of bright and seasoned professionals is more than just a business looking to attract customers! We cherish the opportunity to welcome visitors into our homes for the duration of their intended stay and consider them to be friends. We also hope to establish lasting relationships with wonderful people from all over the world! You can definitely contact us at any moment if you need help with anything.

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