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Popular activities to enjoy as a resident

 If you are a resident of Istanbul and have previously visited the city as a tourist or have just recently finished doing all the typical activities and experiences a tourist does when coming to Istanbul then you are probably looking for something more to do now that you are a resident in Istanbul and enjoying your life in a Cabriole Home on the European or Asian side of the city. While there may still be many touristy experiences left for you to check off your bucket list, sometimes you might want to live the way a local does and enjoy experiences that not many tourists/foreigners may know about! In this blog, you’ll get to learn more about some activities and places that you can check while staying in Turkey’s largest metropolitan city! 


Fun places to explore

While living on the European side, you are surely going to have come across the city’s biggest and most popular parks so a trip to these parks on a pleasant day is definitely a great idea! One of Istanbul’s most famous parks includes the Gülhane Park. This park is popular with tourists and residents and these grounds are currently home to the Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Archaeological Museum, and 2 additional museums as well. If you haven’t visited any of these other attractions as well then you can probably add those into your plan for the day when going down to Gülhane Park for your day trip! Additionally, if you’re visiting the park during the season of Spring then you’ll be in for a treat as the tulip displays that this park is renowned for will also be in full bloom! 


Other parks that are worth a visit are Pierre Loti Hill, Nakkaştepe Garden, and Emirgan Park! 


Summer fun on the Anatolian Side!

When the summer season starts and lasts for a couple of months, naturally you would want to do activities that don’t overexert you then a day at the beach to laze around and relax would be ideal. If you’re staying on the Asian side of Istanbul and want to go visit a beach then the Caddebostan Beach is a relaxing and lively place to go and enjoy the sun and cool breeze! It is a popular place for the locals and you are always guaranteed to find a good spot whenever you go! The best part is that this beach is very easy to reach and after you are done with your beachy moments, you can walk or take a taxi to a nearby restaurant or cafe in any of the lively nearby districts! Most beaches in Istanbul are not free but if you are looking for one that is conveniently located and not very far away like most of the other beaches that require a whole day for them to be enjoyed fully then Caddebostan beach is the one you should consider. 


Dining, Entertainment, and Recreation


If shopping is what you have in mind for a particular day out on the town then Bağdat Street is just the place for you! A 15 km long street that extends from one part of Istanbul’s Asian side to another, this is the place you want to go to if you are looking for all the famous brands and stores conveniently located in one place! You can take a stroll with friends or family and make a whole day trip out of this plan! There are plenty of great places to eat here as well as many popular cafes serving some delicious bites and better coffee than what you will find in most big coffee chains around the city. If you decide to visit this area when the weather is not very extreme, you will easily be able to spend 6-8 hours here as you walk past many international stores, trendy restaurants, clinics, bookstores, and more! There are also a few parks that you can stop and rest in before continuing ahead! 


For proper food recommendations, we would suggest that you check out Suadiye which is just ahead and here you can find a multitude of cuisines in many fancy and budget-friendly restaurants that are guaranteed to give you a pleasurable dining experience! 


Wherever you decide to go, you are never going to be very far from your Cabriole Home and can easily find your way back using the extensive public transportation links or with the abundance of taxis at all times. You’ll also note a more relaxed vibe in these areas which are mostly residential and suburban.