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What is Real Life in Istanbul Like?

Living in Istanbul is not really the same as coming to visit the city that is divided between two continents, Europe and Asia. As a resident, your life will be very different in some aspects compared to viewing the city from the eyes of a tourist. For residents, it can certainly be more challenging as you would have to interact with locals on a more frequent basis and if you have limited knowledge of the Turkish language then it can certainly be difficult to adjust,however, with the right people by your side to assist you, it can really be a smooth experience! Life in Istanbul is very different from what most people coming from other countries have experienced. It is fast-paced, unique to the geographical location and can be exciting as well.

What is Real Life in Istanbul Like

If you are used to living in large cities then you will not face as much of a culture shock compared to people who have lived in smaller cities that are less populated and touristic in nature. As does any other place in the world, Istanbul has its pros and cons but if you weigh them out right then you can find yourself in a good position to live here without many worries.

Coming to Istanbul as a foreigner can be daunting since there are a few obstacles that can overwhelm a foreign resident but if you go through the correct information and familiarize yourself with the process of moving to Turkey’s largest metropolitan city then you’ll be in a better position to adjust and quickly become a resident in the city. Although there are many foreign residents in the city, the experiences everyone goes through in the initial stages of moving to the city can be quite different as the rules and regulations vary depending on nationality, purpose of staying and certain other factors which should be researched on. Overall, it is generally a simple process to go through if you have all the necessary documents and someone to guide you regarding the documents you need in Turkish. 

The best city for you!

As a city that has so much to offer in terms of culture, food, history and entertainment, you’ll never find yourself to be bored here and there will always be something to keep you entertained and excited to wake up each day as you get to experience the Turkish way of living. When choosing to stay in a Cabriole Home, almost half of your problems and stressors can be eliminated as the process of finding your ideal furnished apartment and simply moving in with your luggage is a luxury not many foreign residents get to have!

Skipping all the unnecessary hurdles and directly enjoying the fun this city has to offer to everyone sounds like the best way to start your life in your home away from home! The best approach when dealing with the process of becoming a resident here is to not be overwhelmed as people are mostly willing to facilitate you with ease and it also helps to have someone who speaks Turkish accompany you to the official offices and departments around the city to save time! Furthermore, our trusted team at Cabriole can also be of assistance when it comes to any matters related to your accommodation and we can ensure a smooth process on our part by providing you with the required documents for your apartment as well! 

Cabriole’s special take on Istanbul living

We are not merely a business that furnishes apartments and lists them on our website. We go above and above by include cutlery, accessories, towels, tablecloths, and more to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere! You don't simply rent an apartment; you get an entire experience that gives you the chance to call it your house and create a haven for yourself! You can quickly see from our website that our apartments are located in some of the greatest parts of the city, close to all the shops, lively cafés, and neighboring attractions, and they are also well connected to Istanbul's amazing, extensive public transportation system!

The cost of living here may be affordable for some if you are a wise spender and are financially literate. Working in Istanbul may be tough but if you are a remote worker then it will be relatively easier! You can also explore the country and see the different cities and towns that have survived since ancient times. Don’t forget to visit the side near the Black Sea as well!

The locations we furnish and list on our website are carefully chosen so that you experience a real version of the city of Istanbul in a modern setting! 

The food in Istanbul is also very affordable for anyone living here as a student, long term resident or remote worker and you can always get something fresh and delicious to eat within your daily/weekly budget! Turkish food is very filling, made in a healthy way and definitely worth having every day! For variety, you can find other cuisines all across the city as well and even the fast food options are good to have once in a while! There are many restaurants and cafes on both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul in every neighborhood so you wouldn’t have to look too far to find something that suits your taste!

Going grocery shopping once a week can also save you a lot of money if you prefer to make your own food and most of the fresh vegetables and fruits you’ll find will be different in size and taste from you what you may be used to in your home country! Apart from that, you’ll easily find vegetarian/vegan and organic options everywhere! 

All in all, when you plan to live in Istanbul, there is certainly something that’s right for you here and you can live in Istanbul for as long as you want to, knowing that each day will be different from the previous one and always have something special in store!