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What to do during the summer in Istanbul

The city is known for attracting millions of visitors each year who come here for the
purpose of tourism, to study, work or settle down but if you are staying in Istanbul
for slightly longer than the typical tourist then it would make sense to explore more
places and options on what can be done in Istanbul, especially during the summers
when the heat can be a bit intense to tolerate on some days. Both coastlines of the
the city has sandy and pebble beaches, and good transport options from the city make
it simple to escape to the coast on a sweltering summer day. Whether you are
looking on the European side of the city or prefer something on the Asian side, there
are several popular beaches that are worth checking out at least once during your
time in Istanbul!

Istanbul, also called the gateway between Europe and Asia, is a brilliant blend of
both old and modern life. These worlds converge with the city's vivid, bustling
streets, rich history, and a seemingly unending supply of hidden treasures. Istanbul's
top attractions that can be decent options to check out during the summer range
from game-changing landmarks to the best antique shops in the country, making
them as diverse and intriguing as the city itself. Here, food and fun
seamlessly mix together to offer an unbeatable experience. It takes some time to get
used to Istanbul, but surrender yourself to the magic of this city. You can opt for skip-the-line tours across the city to save time and see more things in a day or take a
guided tour for the ultimate experience and if the heat is too much to handle during
the day then you can start off your adventures closer to the evening times when the
weather becomes more pleasant and the heat is less harsh.

Ideal locations that satisfy your needs

If you’re not much of a beach person, you can always explore the culinary scene of
the city because there are so many options across almost every major cuisine of the
world that you will find here so that can easily take up your time during the
summers. For instance, if you want to check out the best cafes and trendy areas,
Cihangir on the European side and Kadıköy on the Asian side would be good places
to start! What’s better is that we have several fully furnished flats that are in close
proximity to such areas so you are always well-connected and able to see the best of
what Istanbul has to offer!

Moreover, on top of Istanbul's famous tourist attractions like the Blue Mosque,
Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace, there are also bustling bazaars, charming old
neighborhoods, and vibrant eating and nightlife scenes to explore on either side of

the city. You can visit attractions that are mostly indoors and need to be viewed
from the inside rather than outside in the sweltering heat. With 5,000 shops, the Grand
Bazaar is one of the world's largest indoor marketplaces and should not be missed
by tourists who enjoy shopping. The bazaar draws more than a quarter million
visitors each day and sells products including jewelry, hand-painted ceramics,
antiquities, spices, and carpets! Just a 12-minute walk away from the Grand Bazaar
is also where you will find Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.
Hagia Sophia, which Justinian, the Byzantine emperor, had built between 532 and
537, was an Eastern Orthodox cathedral until 1453, with the exception of around 60
years in the 1200s when it served as a Roman Catholic cathedral.Most recently, it
has been converted into a mosque so Muslims can now visit the Hagia Sophia
Mosque and pray inside as well. A visit to the Basilica Cistern, which is also nearby,
is recommended for anyone who appreciates the essence of good architecture.
Numerous subterranean cisterns were constructed during the Byzantine era as
water storage facilities, providing the city with fresh water. The Basilica Cistern is
the largest cistern located in the city! Its intriguing architecture and ideal outlay
make it a great spot for taking pictures as well!

Well-crafted apartments for you

Cabriole has a multitude of furnished apartments on the European & Asian sides of
Istanbul with an ever-growing portfolio that expands into the most sought-after
neighborhoods of the city and curates well-furnished and fully equipped living
spaces for long or short-term residents! With climate change on the rise and
increasingly hot weather during the summers in Turkey, having an air conditioner
in your home is absolutely necessary which is why you will be happy to learn that all
the furnished apartments by Cabriole come with ACs so that you do not have to
worry about the heat as you spend your time in Istanbul during the summer and can
enjoy the cool and pleasant atmosphere in your Cabriole Flat! Spend your days
exploring the city and visiting popular hotspots and returning to your furnished
apartment and enjoy the cool environment as you unwind and relax!
To beat the heat, you can also make a list of all the best Ice cream spots around the
city! In Istanbul, you can find the best of the best versions of Turkish ice cream,
Italian gelato and much more! Many ice cream parlors use goat’s milk to give the ice
cream a thicker consistency and more rich flavor and use all-natural ingredients that
make some incredible flavor profiles! Head down to Suadiye on the Asian side to just
stroll around the streets and stumble upon new places to eat and drink and you’ll
definitely have a great time doing so!