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How to Furnished Flat Like Cabriole Homes

The most important structure of our lives is undoubtedly our home, we try to experience peace and happiness at home. At the end of the day, the time we spend at home should give us pleasure and rest.

      Lighting is definitely one of the most important factors that will determine the dynamics of the house. If you use the right lighting, the beauty of your home will increase.


      The halls, where most of the time is spent, are the most eye-catching rooms of the house where guests are entertained and pleasant times are spent. Wall colors and items chosen for the halls will help the house to appear wider, more user-friendly, and stylish. If you want to create a contrast that creates style and depth by using two different colors on the walls, you can color different wall facades with different color paints. Of course, this is not the only way to create contrast; you can divide the wall horizontally in half and create two different color applications.

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      Generally, using two different colors below and above creates a vertical and horizontal depth in the room, not only creating a bright appearance but also making the room look wider than it is.

       Hall decorations differ according to the size and architectural features of the house. The most used type of living room today is the rectangular hall. When decorating a rectangular living room, it is useful to choose a rectangular dining table. However, if a small coffee table is used in the middle or next to it by positioning the barber you will use in a corner, the person can create a special area for himself, and space can be made more useful by placing a magazine holder or a bookcase on the sidewall of this area.


      At Cabriole Homes, flats to be rented for furnishing are selected after all details are considered and analyzed. The rented apartments are transformed into intimate living spaces with the support of the architect team by evaluating the flat square meter, apartment interior structure, and infrastructure. It has been made suitable for medium and long term accommodation as a furnished rental flat and offered to the service of individuals and institutions traveling to Istanbul.

      It is a wrong attitude to buy favorite products randomly while buying household goods. The right thing is to consider the house as a whole. The areas of the house should be thought of as a complete picture, not by dividing them, and parts that fit together should be brought together. While determining the home decoration, it should be decided in the first place whether a simple design or a different atmosphere is desired. With this decision, the selection of goods and studies will take shape. It would be good to know the house well and thus identify the disadvantages of the house.


      Thinking simple will allow us to make good decisions for our home. At this point, thinking simply by making minimal decisions will make it easier for us to live in beautiful well-designed houses.

      While decorating the home, calmness and simplicity should be the basis. In addition, we can reveal the spirit of the house with the table and various accessories we will use.


      Therefore, renting a house and furnishing, the settlement process is a very detailed, time-consuming process. Cabriole Homes manages this whole process for you and prepares the furnished apartments with the warmth that you will feel at home so that you can come and settle in with your luggage. All you have to do is reach Cabriole Homes and get home as soon as possible.